How Nintendo’s Greatest Failure Led To The Switch

Remember When takes a look back at the Wii U and explores why and how it all went wrong, before reflecting on how Nintendo leveraged its learnings for the Switch.

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Nintendo’s GREATEST FAILURE | The Wii U

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Nintendo Switch Review – Nintendo’s Greatest Console

The Nintendo Switch. Here is my full review of what I believe is the best Nintendo console ever. Yeah, I said it.

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I’m here with my Nintendo Switch review one year later because I felt like I had to give Nintendo time to grow a little. Looking at the Nintendo Switch 1 year later, not much has changed really about the console itself but the vast library of high quality games the Switch has acquired in such a short period of time is mind-blowing.

I hope you enjoy my Nintendo Switch review for 2018. I may review Nintendo Switch on its birthday yearly just to update my thoughts & experiences with the device. Currently it’s one of the greatest gaming consoles ever in my book. But let me know what you think in the comments.


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WHY IT MATTERS: The Nintendo 64 WAS Nintendo’s Greatest Failure (Episode 12)

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In this episode of Why it Matters we discuss how the Nintendo Switch has brought back Nintendo from the brink of disaster once again. The Nintendo 64 was a failure in terms of sales and what it essentially created, which was quite amazing. The Sony PlayStation was created because of the Nintendo 64 and it’s development from the CD Based add on of the Super Nintendo. Because of Nintendo’s biggest failures, the Nintendo 64, the GameCube, and the Wii U, Nintendo was able to recover and understand how to shift their ideas to create the Nintendo Switch.
And the Nintendo Switch worked…

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